“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Five cups of coffee a day, overnight conference calls, eyes and fingers constantly stuck on the smartphone, face eternally hidden behind a massive landslide of files… that was my life two years ago. I recalled the moment just before my grandpa passed away, he uttered, “In my life, I have no regrets.”  My heart skipped a beat.  From that moment on, I had decided that I would live a life that I could look back on with a satisfied grin on my face, just like my grandpa.

So, 20 months ago, I resigned from my job, grabbed my backpack, and embarked on a journey which is still continuing up till this day.

With a job that paid well, it was a tough decision to make. I was going to give up a stable income and career prospects in pursuit of a life full of risks and uncertainties.  But I never regretted making that decision. This journey has brought me beyond the realm where the stock market dominates people’s daily conversations, to many remote corners of the world where people would greet, thank, hug and kiss each other with all their heart and without any reservation.  It has also taught me to embrace the moment and make every minute count.

All the life skills gained from difficulties I had to solve alone or with others, all the limits pushed from the countless number of first-times, and all the inspiration gained from interesting conversations with people from all walks of life….ultimately, through laughters and tears, this is a journey of self improvement, in ways that I would not have imagined had I been within the safety and comfort of my own home.

This blog will be a recollection of some stories I had on the road.  I hope it will inspire you to pick up your backpack tomorrow and embark on an odyssey to the diverse and colourful world!





Donkey is a form of transport too!

I travel only by road or by sea, avoiding any flights unless it is impossible to go overland. I have the gift of being able to sleep soundly in any kind of surroundings, be it on the platform of a train station with people walking back and forth, or squeezed in the corner of an overcrowded bus which is speeding on a winding bumpy road. Though a bit self-abusive and time-consuming, often I was rewarded with a rocking time spent with the locals and of course, wonderful scenery that one wouldn’t be able to see from a plane.

For accommodation, I would normally stay in the cheapest hostel listed in the guidebooks, otherwise I would couchsurf. Occasionally I would also get invited to stay with local families, strictly out of pure hospitality with no profit intended.

Sometimes, you get a bit of luxury......

.....but most of the time, you just gotta rough it.

  • Emily Ma

    Wow Fi, I am so amazed by your blog. I know you are a bagpacker, but i have no idea you have traveled to so many places with your lens.
    I might say you are really a 真性情的女孩
    I love your blog, keep bagpacking and see the world!
    Hope your dream come true one day!

    • fionawan

      Wow Emily I just read this! Thanks so much for your support and lets meet up soon!

  • Fai_11

    Amazing photos. 

  • Yiran

    Keep going!

  • Ringo533

    Great , support .

  • Mansfield

    May God Bless You !

  • Jchau

    Beautiful photography, good luck in your journey! 

  • LauJoan

    I just read this again after gazing at all the dots and lines on your map.  Remember when we talked in the quiet night streets of London.. was silly to have worried, you’ve done it Fi, you’ve made sure you stayed real and lived this world as vast as you could and you’re continuing to practise what you preach.  Although I’m not going to pick up my backpack tomorrow, but your inspiration is also in keeping our faith alive, that the world can be real and men are born to be loving 🙂 

    I just switched tabs to facebook, looked at the usual feeds and the bountiful of albums full of partying and chicks posing, and suddenly they looked real sad.  Can’t wait to see your glowing face with more stories to tell and more visions to conquer xx   

  • Aline

    Hi Fiona, it’s Aline (from France) I just saw this website and it’s true that I haven’t seen you for long time, since India and Bir, my god so long. I took some time to read and watch you website and I wanted to tell you that I am so much impressed by all you have done, this is so great. You are really a survivor and able to do everything travelling everywhere. Congratulations!!! And tell me the day you will be back in Delhi!! Kisses and live you life fully according to your wishes, again great!!

  • Vivian

    I get more time now to read your blog, I love it. It’s so vivid and real. I hope I got to do the same day even with the baby. I would never give up this dream.

  • Duncan Wanjohi

    Wow Fiona, meeting you today I was blown away by how bold you were in the decision to take your  first steps on what has turned out to be an unscripted journey.

    Truly inspiring and brave. People say that our basic instinct is to live, but really it is to exist … to not die. In a short time I appreciated what living can be like through your story.

    Keep stepping Fi

  • Eunseop Choi


  • Marco

    Hi Fiona,
    I watch your pictures and read your introduction comment and I’m still crying.
    So nice the journey you make and so happy to have living some day of your trip with you in Pakistan.
    Continue your road and dream dream dream
    Big Hug


  • Pinky Poon

    i love u Fiona
    Great blog and let me know hows yr life.
    thank you~~

  • manso el mundo

    In a simple chapel near Llao Llao, 20 km away from Bariloche (Rio Negro, Argentina) sunlights through the colourful glass window were reflected on the white wall forming a beautiful and peaceful picture. On the wall hanged a paper, on which it wrote, ‘It’s worth a day at home to a thousand days out of it.’ 中國人也有一句話:「在家千日好,出門半朝難!」Support you!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the support! Sometimes people do get too comfortable with the safety and routine of their life at home that they don’t realize how much they are missing out on the amazing things offered by the big wide world out there, doesn’t it? There’s more risk by venturing out to the unknown, but the rewards are worth 100 times that risk.

      • manso el mundo

        Absolutely agree with you!

        We remember a senior lady we met in Parque Nacional Torres del Paine (Chile). Her email address has 3 letters “OLO”. Puzzled, we asked its meaning. “I inherited this code from my father who was an amateur radio communicator. We can only live once.” No wonder she, at the age of 60 plus, still insisted walking to the end of trail.

  • Kate

    Hi Fiona! I love your words and photos. Add oil ~

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Kate! I’ve been more occupied with adventuring lately so was a bit slow with the posting, keep checking – i’ll be putting more up soon!

  • cheech

    hey,fiona. i am editor from channel young weekly. i want to conduct a interview with you, can you give me your email address and i can talk the detail with you?

  • Elaine Siu

    This is too inspiring, I want to cry!!!!! You’re our hero, Fi, all of us cowards out there still working as corporate/financial lawyers!!!

  • Agnes

    羨慕, 佩服, 保重。

  • Helen Hl Yu

    favorite, favorite favorite website of all times

  • Sylvia

    Keep updating. Your journey is so exciting! I wish I was there with you! Miss ya loads, I hope you have time to come to the very southern part of the world. Although it’s not as colourful as some of the places that you’ve been to, but at least you have a colourful friend there! I will wait for you 🙂

  • Johnmho

    Hey Fiona. Not sure if you remember me as we only met a couple times but yea just wanna drop a few lines…

    When I saw your photos in the most amazing places in the world I started wondering where will this all lead to. I’m glad you decided to make a website of your journey. I’m just starting to look at it but I think it’s great.

    Love your spirit, love your attitude of life. Hope we can meet again and can’t wait to listen to your stories. I’m sure you have a lot to share.

    Welcome back to reality : )

  • Helen Hl Yu


  • Kelkyc

    You are my hero Fi!
    Truely inspiring to all.