(Status Update) Syria Revisited…and a bit about my birthday

I managed to cross the Syrian border on my birthday, but was only granted a visa for 3 days (following a tightening of Syria’s immigration policies).  Afterwards I tried to extend my visa in several places but failed. Now I am stuck here in Hamas with an expiring visa and government offices which have already closed for the weekend.

So what should I do now? To be honest, I wouldn’t give a shit where nothing’s under my control.  Now I am just going to hitchhike to Deir Mar Musa, work, hike and meditate for a bit there, and stay away from the internet for a while.  Then I will see what I can do.

For those who don’t know about Deir Mar Musa, it’s a Syrian Catholic monastery situated in the hills in the north of Damascus, built with the aim of promoting harmony between different religions and cultures.  Stay tuned about my experience there.

It’s not that I had absolutely no birthday “celebrations” at all this year, I still received a simple birthday cake.  Why all the celebration when everyday is already so special in its own way?  Everyday can be special wherever you are, it’s all a matter of perspective.