A Love Letter to Turkey


Sule and Gurler – this is a declaration of my love to you both.  Hope it wouldn’t bring you more shivers on top of that cold in Cappadoccia!

Bad luck had struck me pretty frequently for the past couple of months.  From the first day I stepped into your apartment in Adana 3 months ago, I have been bringing you trouble followed by more trouble, all the way till just a few days ago.   But you remained patient and selfless – even when it meant getting out of all your daily routines and driving me all over Adana in order to help me solve all these problems, frowning at me when I bought groceries for your kitchen, and being worried all day about my whereabouts and safety.    How can I deserve such love and kindness from two people who, 3 months ago, were still complete strangers to me?   Never in my life will I forget all the cozy times spent in Adana with both of you darlings and your other CSers (as I said, you should include me as a flatmate in your CS profile).   I promise I will pamper you with the best when you come visit me in Hong Kong.

Three months can already make an old friend.  May God bless you both forever and ever.  Seni çok seviyorum! Muah! Muah! Muah!