(Status Update) Commencing my African adventures…First stop – Sudan!

On the ferry from Aswan, Egypt to Wadi Halfa, Sudan

Everyone, I have to apologize for not updating anything on my website for such a long time.  After some resting in the Middle East, I felt ready to start some serious travelling again, and have been doing so for the past few weeks.

I have visited the deserts and oases in the west of Egypt, then moved south along the Nile to see the pharonic ruins, along with some adventures in and around “Camel Shit” village in the west bank of Luxor, and a wedding in Aswan with a Nubian family whom I befriended on the train. I have been amazed time after time by the random encounters I’ve run into and the great people I have met – and am feeling grateful to be on the road.

Hello! Welcome to Sudan!

After being dry steamed on the top deck of a ferry for 26 hours, in between TVs and washing machines, I have arrived in Sudan.  A country of simple jolly people on a steamy, dusty and barren desert.  Having no air-con and running water at a temperature of over 40 has become less unbearable when everywhere I went, people would greet me like a long-lost friend, although my tastebuds have become somewhat numb by the 4 F diet (fuul, falafel and fried fish).   With the company of Mr. Maputo and Uncle Fridoly from Switzerland (and for some unknown reason I have become Madam Mai Tai…), our daily past-time in Sudan included ‘chai-hopping’, donkey cart hitching, and card playing in front of an audience of 20 or so local Sudanese people.

Chinese people are overly welcomed here in north Sudan and people seem to be very grateful for the Chinese’ contribution in building much of their infrastructure.  However, the situation may turn sour as I move towards south Sudan, which will foreseeably become an independent state in July of this year.  But you never know, there could be surprises, as my experience had taught me. Insha’allah!

Donkey cart hitching in Karima


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