Egypt: Swallowed by the Western Deserts (Part 2) – Black and White Deserts

After Siwa, I went to Bahariya Oasis, which involved an overnight bus ride from Siwa back to Cairo and another long bus ride from Cairo to Bahariya – there is a direct route between the two oasis which only takes 5 hours but hiring a 4WD to cross the desert that way would cost 3 times the price.

There I arranged for an overnight trip to the black and white deserts, with some nice companions from France and Argentina, and a psychotic driver who also happened to be a great cook. The black colour of the black desert was created by the volcanic rocks dotted about the sand, and the white desert was covered with strange white chalk rock formations created from sandstorms in the area. The stars were bright at night and what’s more surreal than being woken up by the rising sun early in the morning, with complete silence all around you, then suddenly realizing that you are lying on a wide expanse of whiteness and surrounded by these crazy rocks? I just felt like I was no longer on Planet Earth… Who says one needs to be a billionaire to visit the outer space? All you need is 200 Egyptian Pounds!

No more talking, the photos will tell you what it’s all about…



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