Woo-oot Woo-oot~! (Greetings from Nubia)


The Elephantine Island in Aswan, Egypt is inhabited by a sizable population of ethnic Nubians, said to have descended from the ancient kingdom of Nubia, with a history which can be traced back through to 2000 BC. The Nubians were originally scattered throughout the region covering south of Aswan and north of Sudan. However much of the Nubian population in Egypt were forced to re-settle later on as many of their villages were flooded by Lake Nasser, a man-made lake formed by the construction of a series of dams near Aswan. This again raises the question of development vs environmental impact, which should come first and how to develop in a more sustainable way?

This afternoon, while nosing around Elephantine Island, I had some fun with these Nubian kids with a song they learned at school, coupled with some cute booty shaking. Enjoy!