Wildlife Extravaganza – Masai Mara Game Reserve


The Serengeti Plains which spans across the border from Kenya (Masai Mara NP) to Tanzania (Serengeti NP) is said to have the highest concentration of wild animals in the whole of east Africa, as well as the site of the largest and longest seasonal wildlife migrations in the world.  When you see that the biggest mobile phone company in Kenya is called “Safaricom”, and the most popular beer in Tanzania is named “Safari”, you would realize how representative are wildlife safaris to these two countries.

I opted for the Kenyan side of the Plains as I heard that the wildbeests were already migrating north from Tanzania and arriving in Kenya.  Towards the end of every year, nearly 20 million herbivores migrate from the north to the south of the plains in search for rains, crossing the Mara River at the Kenyan-Tanzanian border.  By the middle of the year, they return to the north again.  During every migration, over 250,000 wildebeests would die from exhaustion or predation by carnivores like lions.

Racing with 20 other safari vans to catch a glimpse of a lion, honestly, doesn’t sound quite like the sort of “Lost in the Wild” adventure in everyone’s dream.  I just felt like being part of a big group of paparazzis rushing to the scene to take a picture of two celebrities coming out from a love hotel.

Fortunately, such craziness was only confined to big finds like lions, leopards and rhinos.  The Serengeti Plains is massive (Serengeti in Masai language means “endless”) and there is still plenty of other wild animals everywhere, so much space to make you feel like you are stranded in the wild, and so many wild species to instil you with a constant hope of being the first one to discover a certain wild animal.

Spotting for wildlife in Masai Mara reminds me of an arcade game where you have to spot the tiny differences between two pictures, which I suck at…

–  Where? Where? Where? (ALWAYS me asking this question)

–   THERE!!! Left of that tree, can you see?

–   Where???? I can’t see anything there… (still confused)

…..after about 5 seconds delay

–  (awake finally) Ooooh….there!!

Despite my skills, I still managed to see all Big Five, except for the leopard, which dashed off after leaving its food on a tree only a few minutes before we arrived at the scene.


Most commonly spotted are zebras and impalas…


Do we all really look the same…like the east Asians?


I am a pretty ladyboy… young and available

You wanna fight me huh? You see my bigger horns. You sure you still wanna fight?

You think I would piss my pants because of those horns of yours? Let’s fight!


Occasionally some giraffes and topis…


I really wanted to hide, but I am too tall!

 Is this going to be my passport photo?

 Don’t we make such a nice looking couple?

 We stand out from the rest.  We are the stars of Serengeti.

 Oooh… I am camera shy! Ciao!!


Big herds of buffaloes….


 I like bathing in the mud.  It keeps me clean and handsome.

It’s nice to lie down under the sun. Why do we have to work? This is Africa!


Tens of thousands of migrating blue wildebeests….

Do we really have to cross this river? Can you cross first? I am scared of water…

Argh… this is dangerous, look that dude almost drowned himself!


Some fleeing ostriches….


What is that strange animal with four wheels and pukes out smoke? Run! Run! Run!


Families of elephants…


Don’t come near my babies!


Hippos actually don’t quite look as cute as in the cartoon.


Yea, we are fat and ugly.  So what?  We keep half our faces underwater most of the time anyways.


Rhinos are rather difficult to spot.


Then comes the predation…


One spotted hyena devouring its prey…

Chomp, chomp, chomp…yummm

Hmmmm… I see a big herd of zebras.

Let me make clear of my presence.

Zebras: Oh no! Two cheetahs are coming! Run for your life!!

We are sneaky and sly…

We don’t like being too explicit in hunting, yawn… let me take a rest here.  I’ll attack when you let down your guard.

Roar! Who would dare come near my prey, I will show you what my fangs can do!

Fresh zebra meat! I wish I could have some of that too!

Yawn! A siesta is best after a stomach-filling feast.

The lions have left! There’s still some meat left, let’s dig in! Bon Appetit!


<WARNING> The following section contains explicit content and should be restricted from children under the age of 18.


Some baboons in action at Lake Nakuru…


Baby…close your eyes! Don’t look!

Macho, huh?

Yawn! I don’t like watching foreplay when I am not part of it!

Let’s make some babies!

Sometimes we like exotic locations, such as on a tree branch.

Oooops! Caught in the act!