A World of Plenty – a photography exhibit by Fiona Wan

Thank you Doppio Zero for hosting my first photo exhibition – which I hope will be followed by some more next year!  This exhibition will showcase a collection of 9 photos taken at various countries over my past couple of years on the road.  I could not believe how much work and details would be involved just to hang up a few photos on a wall. Being a total amateur myself, it was such a wonderful learning process, and such a pleasure to see full-size prints of my works for the first time!

Come and have a look over some delicious pasta and a glass of wine!   


A World of Plenty

We live in a world of extreme dichotomy where plentiful resources meet plentiful deficiencies. And in those parts of the world which are too frequently overlooked or neglected, the blind spots where our plentiful resources remain out of reach, many people lead their lives with enthusiasm and dignity in spite of their adverse circumstances.

In our world, kids are committing suicide for losing an online game; in another world, kids can only watch TV once a week in the only restaurant in town with electricity.

In our world, we get a choice of “still or sparkling”; in another world, women have to walk several miles every morning to fetch two meager buckets of water.

In another world which is too frequently described as a sad and backwards world, every face carries a smile. In each smile, there is always hope. They see every good thing happening around them as a gift, be it as tiny as the blossoming of a wild flower on the roadside.

Is there something we could all learn from these nations of another world?

Humanity is diverse. Every culture has their own traditional wisdom which has ensured their people’s survival. While expressing pity for those who are financially worse off than we are, should we not also respect them for who they are and seek to learn from their distinctive stories?

Not everyone benefits from plentiful resources, but the plentiful love and beauty on our planet is in everyone’s reach.

When was the last time you smiled? Perhaps you were looking but not seeing…

Date: 16 December 2011 to 14 February 2012

Venue: Doppio Zero, G/F, The Pemberton, 22 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan 上環文咸東街22號地下(地庫店)