web-IMG_8166-400x267-bwPhotography took me on a 3-year journey traversing overland from China to Zimbabwe, and around the South American continent.

At the beginning, my camera was only a tool to capture beautiful lines and colours. Then I started photographing people. At the first click of shutter capturing the happy faces of a father holding his son, my heart was filled with indescribable joy. From then on, I started wandering off the beaten path, greeting and meeting random strangers in winding back alleys, hoping to find interesting faces to photograph and loving souls to strike a connection with.

It is the life and energy within these tangible lines and shapes that make this world so intriguing. To me, the playful smile of an old woman revealing her golden tooth would leave a more lasting impression than the Roman ruins in front of which she is squatting. Behind the lines forming every facial expression, the curvature of every limb in action, is also a story to tell.

In a big and diverse world, we all live by different traditions and values, but every human being has his own story and dignity.  I strive to tell the stories of these day-to-day happenings around us through my lens.  Being able to freeze and capture such magical moments in time and space, through the click of a shutter, never fails to fill my heart with joy.

Photography became a medium for me to interact with the world in a different manner. I strive to tell stories of dignified ordinary heroes through my lens, and hope they will inspire others to respect traditions and preserve diversity, against the rapid spread of Starbucks and KFC.